The Training House exists to train, inspire, support, and educate our members to become life-fit and our athletes to rise up to their best caliber.

Our limited membership base allows us to create an intimate, welcoming environment with individual attention. Our scientific focus brings athletic performance to the forefront.


Our Durability and Movement programs include the coveted KINSTRETCH® technique. KINSTRETCH® is a movement enhancement system that develops 

maximum body control, flexibility, and usable ranges of motion. The KINSTRETCH® system creates body control, aids in injury prevention, and promotes joint health and physical longevity. We also explore movement through our Steel Mace Movement program - where a steel mace (an asymmetric, weighted bar) challenges your core and stabilizer muscles. Adding steel mace movement to your yoga practice will challenge balance, all around strength, and mental stamina. 


Our Foundation programs are part of our Achieve Program. They include aerobic exercise and basic strength training practices. This program can: strengthen your heart and blood vessels; improve the flow of oxygen

throughout your body; lower your blood pressure and cholesterol; reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and some kinds of cancer; and improve bone density. This is a great starter place for those new to fitness or unsure if group training is right for them. The smaller class sizes, quieter atmosphere, and attention to fundamental movement are added bonuses to this program.


The short definition of metabolic training: completing structural and compound exercises with little rest in between  in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.


Our Metabolic programs include a variety of challenging, but safe, movement patterns. Our trainers take pride in ensuring everyone leaves the class feeling successful. Trainers are able to provide both modifications as well as progressions to those in need of extra support during the program.


The articulating bike frame and handlebars - exclusive to the RealRyder® Indoor Cycle - allow you to lean, turn, steer, and balance through three essential planes of motion, becoming fully engaged with the bike, and overall biking experience.

Whether you’re a cycling nut or a functional training junkie, the RealRyder® Bike offers superior biomechanical, physiological, and emotional benefits over an everyday stationary bike. We have coupled the RealRyder® bikes with the Precor Chrono bikes; both provide a computer display for accountability of your ride. We strongly recommend adding the Polar Heart Rate system to your workouts to help you achieve success through proper energy system utilization.


Build strength, flexibility, and concentration. Cleanse the body and calm the mind. Our flexibility and stretch programs may simulate yoga; however, instead of delivering poses, we focus on bringing the body

into a parasympathetic state and provide breath support to achieve the goal of the program. Each class is unique and varies from teacher to teacher. It is important to understand that our facility does no provide a quiet yoga atmosphere during regular hours. When we offer a yoga-specific program it will be after hours to help support the required atmosphere. Recovery programs during regular training times are specific to body recovery based on scientific movement patterns and breath.


Our strength programs at Training House follow Strength & Conditioning disciplines. We offer scientific design of programs with progression, efficiency and safety being paramount cornerstones to the design of the

programs. Special attention is made to an individual’s mobility and patterning to ensure loading is in their best interest. Often trainers provide modifications for some participants while providing progressions for others.  


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