Sue Duncan

I became a client with Training House (first Excel) shortly after Rhonda and Carla opened the doors in 2011. During this time, Training House has become my second home, my second family. The classes I attend at the gym are what anchor every week for me, and what I tend to plan my days around.

A few months ago, the call went out for people interested in becoming Ryde instructors, and I jumped at the opportunity. I've been teaching for just a few weeks now, and I'm loving learning more about indoor cycling, and how music helps us move. Most of all, I'm enjoying sharing my passion for Ryde with all the people who come to class, whether they've been at it longer than I have or are just starting out.

Outside the gym, my exercise is very recreational. I dabble in hiking, surfing, skiing, mountain biking, snowshoeing, kayaking, indoor climbing, and running. Having an exercise habit truly does make everything better: the body works when I need it to, food tastes amazing (yay!), and even my head stays on straight (well - straighter, anyway!)

Coming to the gym is fun and rewarding in and of itself, but it also lets us enjoy the rest of life to the fullest!


Kal Tire Place North

3445 43rd Ave

Vernon, BC V1T 8P5