Pickleball is taking the World by storm for good reason. While the name of the sport usually follows with some giggles and jokes, the benefits of playing this game is nothing to laugh at. Improved coordination, agility, reactivity and cardiovascular health are just some of the positive physical responses to the activity, the social aspect of the game provides some much needed mental stimulus and laughter which is incredibly beneficial to our mood and general health. Knowing the importance of these aspects of the game are important because we want to continue to do the things we love to do and the things that keep us healthy as long as possible.

Players who have a basic level of fitness and strength are going to perform better on the court than those who do not. They’ll be fit enough to apply all the other technical aspects of the sport and implement all the pickleball strategies that are available. They’ll have fewer injuries, and they’ll be able to play longer. If you feel you don't have this basic foundation of fitness now is the time to get it!

Training for pickleball is a fabulous way to ensure your risk of injury remains low, your recovery after games and practice is efficient and your fitness level continues to improve as your technical game improves.

Strength training is incredibly important to pull into a lifestyle routine as you age to help you combat weakness and frailty which often leads to debilitating consequences. We recommend you dedicate 2-3 times a week to strength training. This routine will help you build muscle strength and muscle mass and preserve bone density keeping osteoporosis at bay. These improvements will not only promote independence and vitality with age but they will improve your Pickleball game too!

Here is one exercise you can start with:

LUNGE - The lunge is considered a primal movement pattern. It is a unilateral lower body exercise that is used in most sports, pickleball included. Performing lunges correctly will increase your leg strength through the quadriceps, and glutei but will also help you control the movement pattern to ensure proper deceleration which is so important to learn for a decreased risk of injury.


1) Start standing straight up with your feet below you. Take a deep breath in. Draw your rib cage down and create tension in your core.

2) Take a large step forward (1.5X your normal length)

3) Drop the knee of the back leg towards the floor keeping your core braced.

4) Drive off your front foot so you come back to standing, exhale hard and reset back to the beginning. Repeat with the other leg.

Try to do 10 per side, 3 times with rest in between. Once you feel confident in the movement pattern you can add some load. If you have dumbbells at home you can hold a dumbbell in each hand. If you don't have dumbbells try wearing a fitted backpack with a few books in it and gradually increase the load over time.

At Training House we offer Pickleball Club Members one hour semi-private packages where we combine safe, effective strength training to dramatically improve fitness. Every session involves a trainer-led warm-up, and then your group of 4 (you pick the four) will get down to some Pickleball specific strength training and you will finish with a focus on mobility and breath work that will directly transfer to the court and in life. Individuals with mobility challenges will be given ample opportunity for regressions and progressions in their program. While all four athletes will be working toward improved Pickleball performance, this is not a cookie-cutter program and everyone will have individual tweaks to ensure their program is safe and efficient specific to them. These packages are offered in 3 month increments and run in the afternoons.

Contact us today for more information. We are happy to meet with your group of 4 to answer any questions and provide a free consultation. Ask us about our 100% commitment guarantee.


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