The One About Signs

You can’t always write about topics that will peak the interest of readers but I am hoping that most will take an interest in this one. Usually I like to use humor to state a point or to make others laugh because we all know we need a bit more laughter in our world.

These words do not contain much laughter but rather a little reminder and a kick in the butt of something important. 

Recently I have been touched by stories of individuals making an effort in understanding the signs of a heart attack. Most may get sick of me pushing my message but I will continue my march towards further education and awareness in hopes of creating a bigger impact on many individuals who shared the same mindset as I did in the past.

The “it won’t happen to me” mindset.

I wanted to share some valuable information regarding the signs my husband experienced before he passed away of a heart attack and dive deep into a bit more details. Did my husband experience multiple symptoms?  Yes he did.

Prior to any of this happening we both had the “it won’t happen to me” mentality. I believe most of us deal with the same mindset and are frightened of the “what if”.  We may also feel like it simply isn’t a big deal.

Please read and understand clearly what my husband experienced so you can be fully aware.

Unusual Fatigue

Let me stress…. UNUSUAL! The level of fatigue my husband experienced was completely out of character for him.  As his fatigue would increase, his level of physical activity would decrease.  In my eyes, his fatigue was due to lack of activity but the lack of activity was due to fatigue.  There was never a question of “why”.

This is such an important point to consider. If you know of someone who is dealing with a level of fatigue that is completely inappropriate for their character please recognize the possibility that something isn’t quite right.  Finding my husband napping in the middle of the day wasn’t normal.  Or him missing out on our annual Halloween trick-or-treating because he was “too tired” to even walk with his kids just seemed like an excuse to stay home.  If you feel something just isn’t right, you may be right.  This is where the change of mindset comes in.


My husband was never one who would experience heartburn and to this day I do not recall him suffering from much of it other than the morning he passed away. It was brought on by physical activity and I will never forget the discomfort in his voice when he asked for Rolaids in the middle of the night.  Because I had always considered him fit and healthy, in my sleepiness I never thought the worst.  Even though in my professional career, it was hammered home to me that heartburn may be a sign of a heart attack, I never thought it would hit my family.

Sleep Disturbances

Would I ever think this is a sign? Probably not but Peter regularly was awakened early in the morning or throughout the night unable to sleep.  How would we process this?  Lack of activity = less sleep.  Lack of activity = increased fatigue.  Increased fatigue = lack of activity (but we never asked “why?”). All we thought was…It would never happen to us!

Shortness of Breath

I will never forget our last mountain bike ride together or our last run. He physically could not keep up.  That last mountain bike ride had him complaining that his chest hurt once we returned home.  He showered and immediately feel asleep on the couch.

Our last run together had him turn around and head home only a couple km into the run as I continued on. How did we process this?  Lack of activity = hard workout.  Hard workout = chest discomfort.  Chest discomfort = lack of activity.

It would never happen to us.

It all looks so crystal clear now.

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