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Improve your pickleball game!

Playing pickleball has tremendous benefits for your health. From improved cardiovascular conditioning to reduced health risks through regular activity. It improves cognitive function and supports progression in balance and agility. PLUS it's fun! But, what happens when you start to develop those aches and pains, or you simply feel like you are plateauing and unable to "get better" at the sport you love? That's where a balanced Strength & Conditioning program can help. 

75% of Pickleball athletes are 55 and older. Training House caters to the general fitness population in this age bracket. We recognize hormonal changes have physiological effects on an athlete's body and we use evidence backed programming to support individuals to ensure they put their best foot forward in slowing down the hands of time and continue doing the things, like pickleball, that they love.

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PRIVATE (1-on-1)

3 month minimum

Meet with your own personal trainer in a PRIVATE world class athletic facility. Your trainer will create an individual strength program to help you achieve your goals and will progress them appropriately as you improve your fitness level. Meet 1-3x/week (price reflects frequency picked).



3 month minimum

Meet with your peers in a semi private environment for 8 sessions/month. Individualized programming with focus on safe progressions built on a strong foundation.


PICK ONE: (limited space)

Tues & Thurs 12:45-1:45pm

or Mon & Wed 4:00-5:00pm




Join a Virtual Open House to learn about the human body and how it adapts while aging. What do these adaptations mean to your Pickleball journey and how can you improve your resilience in life.  End with an Open Table discussion and get your fitness questions answered by elite Strength & Conditioning trainer and Training House owner,  Rhonda Catt. 

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