Owner - Strength and Conditioning Coach,
Youth Athletic Specialist
IYCA level 2, IYCA CSAS (Certified Speed & Agility Specialist),
NCCP-Olympic Weight Lifting, ONNIT®, RealRyder®, KINSTRETCH®, TPI® (golf),

Rhonda is co-owner of Training House. She holds very high standards towards continuing education through the Strength & Conditioning Industry. Rhonda holds many of the International Youth Conditioning Association Certifications and directly oversees all programming provided through Training House including the programming for our Youth Athletics Team. Rhonda's passion lies with athletic training for professional athletes, specifically hockey. Rhonda is currently focusing much of her energy into heart health and creating awareness for heart disease - having recently lost her soul mate and husband, Peter, to a heart attack. #SharePetersStory.

Owner - Certified Personal Trainer,
Youth Athletic Specialist
CPT, FMS2, IYCA1, NCCP-Olympic Weight Lifting, RealRyder® ,

Carla is co-owner of Training House and wears many hats, from marketing and sales, to client support. Carla's passion is found in making people feel good. She genuinely wants people to leave Training House feeling like they had an amazing experience. Carla is part of our Youth Athletics Team and certified through the International Youth Conditioning Association. 

Certified Personal Trainer,
Youth Athletic Specialist
CPT, FMS2, IYCA1, IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist, RealRyder®,

Brandy is our burst of positive energy at Training House. Brandy has overcome many obstacles in her life and her experiences have created the passion she has for helping people today. Brandy is part of our Youth Athletic team and is also certified as a Youth Nutrition Specialist through the International Youth Conditioning Association. She is available for Private One-on-One Adult Sessions, SemiPrivate Sessions and Youth Small Group or Team Training Sessions. 

Certified Personal Trainer,
Youth Athletic Specialist
ACE - CPT, IYCA Youth Nutrition Specialist, BCTF - Certified Teacher

Jody is a Hockey Canada Development1 Coach and the Strength & Conditioning Coach for Thompson Okanagan Lakers AAA Hockey. Jody earned her Bachelors Degree in Health & Physical Education/Fitness from Minot University and strives to continue inspiring young athletes to become the best they can be. 

Certified Personal Trainer,
CSEP, CPT, Bachelor of Physical Education, Career Firefighter (Kelowna FD)

Brent has been a part of our Training Team for over 8 years. He enjoys planning and delivering group training to our membership base and enjoys helping people reach their goals through safe and efficient lifting protocols with attention to detail. Brent is passionate about helping people and although his schedule with the Kelowna Firehall doesn't allow consistent training, he is available to sub scheduled classes often throughout each month. 

Certified Personal Trainer,

Heather enjoys working with Training House clients through leading membership programs. Heather's attention to detail offers effective training for members and her own training regime is inspiring. When Heather isn't crunching numbers as a CPA, she can be found training or competing in various obstacle races across the country.  

Yoga Instructor,

Hasia offers Training House clients a unique spin on Yoga, from her relaxing playlist to her essential oils spray and visualization. Members love the calmness of Hasia's delivery and her attention to detail

Member Ambassador
3rd degree black belt (International Shotokan Karate Federation)

Jonathan has a nickname at Training House. That nickname is JonBot. The reason for the nickname is his never ending source of energy and drive. He is truly inspirational and enjoys helping others do things they didn't think possible. JonBot focusses his programs on cardio based programming. When JonBot isn't training at Training House you can find him burning up the mountain trails running, perfecting his Karate patterns and spending time with his wife and there Bernese Mountain Dogs.  

Tech Sweat Support
TechnoGeek, Bike Mechanic, Polar HRM Aficionado

Robert is our very own GEEK. He is instrumental in the technology side of our business and is often found inputing data, reviewing analytics and discussing ideas which are well over our head. Robert is also our bike and equipment guy. He is articulate and his attention to detail means our equipment is always getting pro-actively attended to with lubricants, replacement parts and tweaks here and there. 


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