Rhonda and Carla met each other in October 2010 and became business partners in a fitness facility located in downtown Vernon. The two plugged away at entrepreneurship and dealt with the financial and family stress of owning a business.

On November 3rd 2015 the World came crashing down, to depths unknown. Rhonda's soulmate and father to their two young boys passed away suddenly from a heart attack. This tragic death shook Rhonda to the core and has shaped her and the current business into what it is today. The next year was spent surviving. Basic survival to keep a family functioning, to keep a business running, to keep a widow above the ever rising water. Rhonda knew she could not let Peter's death happen without something positive coming from it. So, she began a Heart Health Awareness campaign to spread knowledge and change the mindset of people and their thoughts on who heart disease effects. With the help of some incredible community members and SPROING CREATIVE, the "Share Peters Story" Campaign was born.  (see below)

In September 2018 a new opportunity was brought to the surface which included a physical move to a brand new facility and a new start on the business. 8 years had passed and allowed Rhonda and Carla to understand what it meant to be an entrepreneur and all that went along with it. The landlords of yesterday  and the landlords of today were incredibly kind and helpful with their step forward into a new facility. 


The new brand, TRAINING HOUSE showcases a Phoenix which signifies rising from the ashes and a rebirth of a strong, new business. The laurel surrounding the Training House initials signifies the education that not only stands behind the brand and the knowledge of the owners and staff, but also signifies the knowledge passed on by the Training House team to their family of members and athletes. This new brand was born through an incredible, beautiful member and friend, Brittany Wright who has always believed in Rhonda and Carla and was like a pocket sized Anthony Robbins, to pull out whenever the two were down.

Today Training House is a STRONG brand filled with AUTHENTIC individuals. Many of the staff have had their own "Phoenix moments" in life and have risen to become the people they are today. Many of our members continue to go through "Phoenix moments" and their family of peers at Training House are there to help pull them up out of the metaphoric ashes and support them through hardships. 


Training House caters to those that value fitness and wellness in their life. The membership base is always 200 members or less to instil proper services and an intimate feel. These members are generally active outside of the facility and believe in carving time out of their day to continue to move well, learn more and stay STRONG and functional for their families, friends and life in general. The athletes of Training House are individuals who have a goal to attain, these individuals are looking for professional, science backed training supported by highly educated and experienced individuals to deliver that training. There is trust, education and cohesiveness which supports the Training House brand. 

Rhonda and Carla are incredibly proud and grateful for the people who have and continue to support their business dreams. They are excited to see just how high this Phoenix will rise and what that will mean for the community of Vernon, the members and staff of Training House and the families of Rhonda and Carla who have sacrificed much for this vision. Thank you. 


Help save a life. #SharePetersStory 



Kal Tire Place North

3445 43rd Ave

Vernon, BC V1T 8P5