Jamie Munro

I am a Kinesiologist who recently graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan. I am a passionate, outdoor enthusiast who enjoys pushing the limits. I grew up racing motocross at a National level, spending the majority of my childhood racing throughout Western Canada. Some activities I enjoy are mountain biking, wake surfing, trail running, downhill skiing, and soccer. 

In addition to Kinesiology, I have developed a passion helping individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. As a Special Olympics volunteer, vocational counselor, and support worker I have grown to love learning how much potential these individuals have, and I hope to carry that over into my work at the Training House. 

My goals are to bring a level of dedication to the Training House that inspires my clients. My Kinesiology background and outgoing personality can positively impact those around me to build confidence, lose weight, or get into a daily fitness routine.




Kal Tire Place North

3445 43rd Ave

Vernon, BC V1T 8P5