Why outsource Strength & Conditioning?

Often times we hear of coaches or parents of players volunteer their time to help save the team money and offer their services to "train" the team. For the most part these offers come from individuals who consider themselves "fit" and "active" members of society who genuinely believe they have the skill set to support athletics at this level.  This individual may even be a yoga instructor, or even a personal trainer. Unfortunately, while the team may enjoy these "workouts" they are not receiving high level, scientifically backed training. There is specific windows of development for youth training and also specific timing for athletes in various phases of their training. Is the team coming off a weekend tournament with high output? Should the focus be switched to durability of joints and recovery to improve the body's ability to rejuvenate cell damage and promote a stronger foundation to allow for quicker recovery down the road? Is a specific athlete suffering from a chronic mobility issue? Has this even been addressed? Is someone who isn't physically capable of executing a squat pattern with body weight only, now being asked to load that pattern with weights? Why? What is the purpose? What is the goal? What is the WHY. All programs should have a "Why". All training series should have a "Why". All training sessions should have a "Why". 

Our ONE THING is Human Movement through Athletics. Work with the best and reap the rewards of healthier, stronger athletes. 


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