Client Testimonials

“Hey! So I’m nearing the end of my 30 day trial and what can I say??! I am so so so happy to be back!! I have loved every second of it!! Your new facility is literally the Disneyland of training facilities!!! I’d forgotten how much fun it is and I am totally and completely back in!!! Thank you so much for continuing to do what you do best and for being there when I was ready to get back at it. We are so lucky to have you and Carla and the gang guiding us in our fitness journeys no matter the level!! I love the new facility and all the amazing peeps. Some of which I love and have missed so much!! I am back baby!!”


-Cam S. | Trial Member

“I thought you guys were just another class based facility…you are one of the BEST things in Vernon! And it’s not just about the quality of the programming, it’s the atmosphere and how nice everyone is. I feel so comfortable when I walk in."


-Trial Member

“I’m sold… f**king love it already!”


-Trial Member

“Been to both Carla and Sue’s Real Ryde classes and have really enjoyed them. Great workout with great instruction makes for an easy to recommend experience.”


-Jason Keegstra | Member

“I recently took advantage of The Training House’s promotion of a free trial month. Though I have only attend two classes so far it has been a very positive experience. I felt intimidated before going to the gym for the first time but from the moment I walked in the door everyone was extremely welcoming and helpful. You definitely do not feel left out as a new person because it seems no matter who the instructor is they really take the time to make sure you know what you are doing and will reshow you anything you need clarification on. Overall-great!”


-Trial Member

“The training house is amazing! All you have to do is show up and the awesome instructors there will give you an awesome work out!! Their schedule has a class and time for everyone. If you want to have the best sleep of your life try the 630pm spin.”


-Stacie W. | Trial Member


Kal Tire Place North

3445 43rd Ave

Vernon, BC V1T 8P5